Waterproof Hanging Bird Feeder

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Customer reviews:

"I've tried many expensive bird feeders but I keep coming back to this one. Put simply, I get the best variety of birds from this feeder from Chickadees to Northern Flickers. All species seem comfortable and safe feeding from it. It's also waterproof and very easy to clean and disinfect. The edge of the bottom shelf is plenty high to prevent significant seed spill-age. This waterproof hanging bird feeder has outperformed all my other high-end feeders. Highly recommended !!!" - Ryan B. ★★★★★

"The birds truly LOVE this waterproof bird feeder! It's so worth the money. The top twists on and locks in so no water can enter the feeder, which is important. The ledge also has small holes in order to let the water flow out and not stay stagnant. Overall, it is a great bird feeder! The string is very strong, though. There have been a total of 5 birds swinging on the feeder, and there has been no problem with 2 pounds of food included. While being a plastic feeder, it is durable and we have had no problems with it." - Meilin ★★★★★


  • Green color standard bird seed feeder
  • Sturdy plastic construction
  • Easy to fill, easy to clean
  • Both perching and clinging footholds to increase bird activity
  • Ideal for hanging in the garden for attracting and feeding wild birds 


  • Material: High Quality Plastic
  • Size: app.23x20cm / 9.06x9.87''
  • Color: Green + Transparent


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