Vintage Motorcycle Goggles

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Customer reviews:

 "I got these as a gag to pick up my friend from the airport on my bike because they were cheap and looked the part. They actually turned out to be really nice.
We put about 100 miles on them and they stayed comfortable and did a really good job keeping the wind out of our eyes. The smoke lens worked very well in place of sunglasses, though they were pretty dark when the sun started to go down. During the day however, they worked great. They do feel kinda flimsy, so I'm pretty careful with them, but the elastic band is strong and the fake leather cushion is well padded. Got a lot of good looks and thumbs ups." - Ryan ★★★★★ 

"These are SO cute. I feel very cool wearing them while ATV-ing. Now I just need an aviator jacket. Seriously, though, I don't like sunglasses for ATVs because the wind gets around the edges and drys my eyes out. Plus you can still get dust and bugs underneath. I bought the gray lenses, which seem to enhance the intensity of colors without increasing saturation or shifting them cooler or warmer. They do leak a *little* air around the nose piece, but this hasn't been a problem for me. In fact, I'm ordering a second pair with yellow lenses because I enjoy the warmer color shift. Love these goggles!" - Mandy ★★★★★ 


  • 【FRAME】 Ergonomic nice quality ABS frame, finishing with black, extra-soft, close-fitting face padding
  • 【LENS】 PC lens, durable and scratch-resistant, four colors available
  • 【HEAD STRAP】 Adjustable head strap with high elasticity
  • 【MULTI FUNCTIONAL】 Protect you from fog, UV, wind, sand and dust
  • 【YOUR FASHIONABLE CHOICE】 Compatible with half or open face helmets, ideal for motorcycle, scooter, cafe racer, cruiser bikes, skiing and other outdoor sports


  • Material: High Quality Plastic Lens
  • Lens Color: Clear / Brown / Yellow  / Silver / Colorful
  • Frame Color: Copper

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