Ukulele Rhythm Shaker (2pcs)

Light Green
Starry Blue
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Customer reviews:

"Bought these for my special needs 4 yr old patient who is super neuro .. arms n legs frailing constantly .. when I put these in his fingers he seems to be more aware of his movements!" - Gina ★★★★★


A great wee gadget to accompany you while strumming a guitar, ukulele, etc.
Composite steel balls inside, musical sound with the shake of your hand
Simply pop the Rhythm ring onto your finger (the elastic makes sure it stays on!) and it adds extra sparkle (a maraca-type shaker rhythm) in exactly the same timing as your strumming hand! It also works really well with cajon or bongo adding a crisp rhythm to your playing
Helpful to train your rhythm,Suitable for every music fan,Polished handle bar is smooth
A great thing for develop and improve your music intelligent
  • Colors: Gold, black, white, green, purple
  • Size: Free, soft strap auto adjustable
  • Package: 2pcs
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