Ukulele Felt Picks (6pcs)

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Customer reviews:

"I bought these for my husband and s"on. My son is learning to play the Ukulele and wants to be like his daddy and use a pick, though most picks are too hard for the nylon strings on the Uke. My son loves the bright colors and this encourages him to practice more. I appreciate that I know they won't damage the Uke itself and will help sustain the life of the strings. My husband also tried using these on his acoustic. I provided a nice, full tone sound, It was a stark difference from traditional picks that cause a more abrupt sound. He did note that while using them on the steel strings of the acoustic they started to fray on the edges...of course this is not their intended purpose. When using them on the Uke they have held up just fine. Highly recommended" - Scarlett  ★★★★★

"My 12 year old ukelele artist had never used picks before, but was excited to try them after seeing some of her favorite Youtuber artists playing with them. We picked up this 4 packs of 2 picks in bright and dark colors for her to give a shot and she's been so happy with them. She says that they sound great, and don't make any extra noise on the strings. They're light, but have enough weight to be useful for playing. All of the picks are holding up very well at this point, even though they get used for hours every day! I am not a ukelele player myself, but I see her using them every single day and I think that means they're a big hit. I suppose you can't get much better than that." - Lily ★★★★★


  • Ukulele Felt Picks: these felt picks don't make a percussive sound like the plastic and metal picks when it hits the ukulele strings.
  • Soft and comfortable: the felt picks touches soft and comfortable with synthetic felt material which helps to provide a mellow authentic sound.
  • Smooth and non-slippery: this felt pick is easy to hold than other plastic pick, and it ensure a mellow authentic sound.
  • Firm and durable: the guitar picks is made of high-density felt material, it is firm and durable enough for your Ukulele, it will not mark or scratch your Ukulele.


  • Material: Felt
  • Size: Classic shape, 31mm * 26mm
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • 100% Brand new
  • Perfect for any ukulele
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