Treasure Sketchbook

Khaki Inner
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Customer reviews:

 "This journal was such a hit, I came back to order a second. The blue is lovely!
Speaking as the girl whose best Christmas was the one I was allowed to go nuts in the well-stocked stationary department in a local department store, this journal tickled me, way down deep.I bought the journal for a gift, for the author I'm currently editing for. I held my breath until it arrived, hoping it would be nice enough to give as a gift, and it most assuredly is.The cover is exquisite. The feel is of leather, inside and out (although it's not)
The embossed design just calls out for you to open the book and explore your own soul.
The charms and leather tie add a funky, bohemian look that summon memories of fringe vests and bell bottom Levis. (Yeah, yeah, so I'm old). And inside, a ring-style notebook, filled with luscious, thick pages, tinted the color of creamy latte. Be still, my heart.
The journal is in perfect size for tucking into a handbag. This journal exceeded my expectations." - Eden ★★★★★ 

"I love this notebook. I always need to have paper by my side and a way to keep my notes in order until I am ready to follow up or add info to my clients portfolio. This little notebook stays closed when you wrap the leather strap around it and I can keep it in my computer bag or purse. I did purchase more inserts to hold pens, business cards, lined paper and dividers to have all I need if I walk in to a meeting or luncheon and take notes (no relying on my memoir anymore). Unlike most journal types of notebooks you can remove pages that are no longer needed and add more. I love that I can keep it closed and it is not just an elastic band that starts to lose its shape after a while. The cover is nicely done and simply tasteful. I have only had this for a month but I will be using this for a long time-leather seems to wear well so I am looking forward to the weathered look." - Still ★★★★★


  • Blank Paper: No lined feature, you can draw mind maps, sketch ideas or write notes freely on the page.Perfectly work as writing journal, drawing pad, sketch book, travelers notebook, diary planner, coupon organizer, photo album and so on.
  • Refillable Notebook: Take out pages that aren't important and swap in for blanks to keep filling it out.Take paper out or in easily so that you can record any instant memory no matter where and when you are.
  • Leather Journal: Made of high quality PU leather,soft in hands,durable for travel or outdoor adventure.Inserts are craft paper which can keep your writing and drawing the same as beginning to help you reread easily in future.Both cover and insert work to give you a permanent memory.
  • Convenient Journey Diary:Perfect size for handbag and schoolbag;  Available for any pen,gel pen,pencil,ballpoint pen and so on.
  • Perfect gift for family & friends.


  • Cover Material: PU Leather
  • Inner Pages: About 75 sheets(150 pages)
  • Cover Size: B5(16.5*23.5cm), A5(13.0*18.5cm), A6(10.5*14.5cm)
  • Color: Brown, Red, Gray, Coffee, Blue
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