Sewing Machine Music Box

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Customer reviews:

My daughter's previous jewelry box was broken by her baby sister, and she was devastated. She said that it was unique and could never be replaced. I bought this one because i thought that it was even more unique than the first one. She LOVED it. It is one of her most treasured possessions (even more than her jewelry). She loves the music. She also loves that the sewing machine moving parts. This make me so happy. I got to buy another one for her baby sister too. Highly recommended !" - Helen ★★★★★ 

"Bought this for my mom for her birthday!She absolutely loved it !!!. Great gift for someone who loves to sew. The sewing machine works at the rhythm of the music. The needle goes up and down as well as the pedal. A perfectly made product. Very pleased with this purchased." - Leslie ★★★★★ 


  • Sewing machine design music box, shape of vintage treable sweing machine.
  • With a piece of fabric under presser foot, EZ Pattern on one corner, and a pair of scissors on the other.
  • Also a beautiful piece of miniature furniture, and a wonderful remembrance of days gone by!
  • As music plays, treadle (teeter-totter) moves up and down and spool mouse sitting on the top of it goes round and round (tread not include).
  • Can be used as a toy and a home decoration.
  • No battery need, just twist the switch by hand, and open the mini drawer, amazing!


  • Color: Wood
  • Size: 12 × 7.7 × 16 cm


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