Transparent Visible Pick Cutaway Practice Padlock Lock

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Customer Reviews:

"Excellent training tool for amateurs like myself. Works great with shims and quick sticks as well as various picks. This lock has the heel and toe latches on it, meaning two latching spots which can be more tricky than a single latch. Great way to learn the overall functionality of the locking mechanisms. The lock is very high quality, comes with 2 keys, a must have training aid." - Levi M. Crandell ★★★★★

"Fast shipping, item arrived sooner than the estimate that was given during checkout. I'd tried practicing lock picking with a regular lock but couldn't get the feel for it. Using this practice lock I was able to see how the pins reacted to my probing with the pick. Didn't take very long to get the "feel" of the pins resulting in the huge satisfaction of successfully picking my first lock. I was then able to move on to a regular lock which also popped open for me after utilizing this practice cutaway lock. Well worth the money for someone wanting to learn how to pick a lock." - Jerry L. Green ★★★★★


The transparent design is great for beginners to know the mechanism of the locks.

Main Features:

  • Transparent lock: help you know the mechanism of the locks, useful for Locksmith to train and practice.
  • Friendly for beginners: with instruction to introduce the mechanism of the several type of lock.
  • Help you improve your lock picking skills after a short time of learning and practicing.
  • The lock is well built, smooth working condition and durable for repetitive practice.
  • Nice toy for kids to improve their intelligence and practical ability and great gift for your geek friends.


 Material Acrylic and Alloy
Tools 12 pieces
Lock Size 2 x 1.2 x 0.5 inch (5 x 3 x 1.3 cm)
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