Towel Dress - Wearable Towel

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Customer Reviews:

"This is a versatile products and offers several options on how you can use. The material is EXTREMELY soft and has a think silk like feeling. The stitching is heavy and don't seem like it would come a part. The straps are similar to the typical cami. The straps have the ability to adust to your liking to ensure comfort. Potential uses include, but not limited to, a quick cover up after a shower, a dress, or bathing suit cover-up. This is a great addition to my attire." - Laura H.  ★★★★★

"Super cute, and so soft. This is perfect for after the shower, the pool or triver. I've had others like this before however this one fits really nice. Did I mention how SOFT it is. !? :)" - Jaime Benjamin ★★★★★


  • Are you someone who gets out of the shower and immediately walks around doing things before completely drying off and getting dressed?
  • Making coffee, breakfast, picking out and ironing clothes? 
  • This wearable towel dress is perfect. Without having to be fully dressed, you can put the towel on, walk around and do the things you need to do and dry off in the process.


  • 100% Brand new and high quality. 
  • Soft, comfortable, protect your skin. 
  • Has strong water absorption effect. 
  • Wearable towels, just like wear clothes. 
  • Great for travel or home use. 


  • Material: microfiber 
  • Size: Approx.140cm x 70cm(L x W). 
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