Tiger Patches For Clothes

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Customer reviews:

"The colors are very vibrant. What can I say? It is offered at an incredible price. Have ordered smaller ones that cost a lot more. I highly recommend this patch. You won't be sorry. I am going to order another one as it's just beautiful to look at. Thanks XDealsPro Shop for offering it." - Kyle ★★★★★

"I love this beautiful work of Art. It is just right for my jacket. My jacket got a hole because of a burnt so I use this to cover it up. I love this patch it was cute and adorable. It was very easy to put on and is very durable. It's very Vivid and beautiful." - Hana ★★★★★


  • 1PCS of batch in different shapes: Tiger - Skull - Patch - Rock -  ...
  • Suitable for clothes, backpack, hat, ...


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