Tactical Shemagh Scarf

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Customer reviews:

"This scarf was a perfect fit for my head. The product was received on time and just as it was pictured. The white and gray looks awesome and the material is fantastic. The quality was much better than i actually expected for such a cheap price. I used this while hiking and riding dune buggies in the Arizona desert and it was perfect to keep the sun off me or dust out of my face and mouth. The material is nice and soft and could even be used as a small blanket or something. I bought two of these and i would highly recommend them to anyone"- Kyle ★★★★★

"This is one of the more useful things I carry with me everyday. I mean if it gets cold its a scarf. its bright and I am trying to crash for a power nap blind fold. if I am caught in the rain instant towel. hot out and need some shade yea it can do that if your creative enough. if I need to use it for a pressure dressing for a wound I am sure I can make that happen. really it is a good item for anyone who leads an active outdoor life style to have for really a great amount of situations." - Matthew Mason ★★★★★


  • Wearing this scarf in cold fall winter or spring days would be good, long time use and durable.
  • Wrap when you go out for a wonderful travel, this scarf would make you beautiful and stylish even you don't bring too much clothes. Soft, warm, lightweight, easy carry, cozy and warm
  • Can keep the wearer cool and prevent heat stroke, headache, and dizziness on sunny days.


  • Weight: 175g. 
  • size:110*110cm


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