Surprising Monkey

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Customer reviews:

"I was afraid that was going to be cheesy however this has been a lot of fun. You can't hand someone you phone with it and get them, but you can if you hold it. I have had a lot of laughs with this and have not regretted the purchase. No batteries or charging needed either. I recommend this." - Mieghan ★★★★★


My kids love these, and have been setting them up everywhere to scare the stuffing out of anyone they can. They work really well with a little practice and ingenuity. It is very fun for what it is, great little toy. I would order more for my nephew and niece as Christmas gift" - Tom ★★★★★


  • Your furry friend that pops up anywhere.
  • Ideal to surprise anyone at anytime.
  • 3 ways to prank your friends: button mode, timer mode and wire mode.
  • No batteries required.



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