Supporting Knee Sleeve

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Customer reviews:

"I was in the military for about 5 year and it was not good on my joints especially my knees. I was a little hesitant to buy some at first because I am a cheap ass, but I am so glad I did. I ended up doing legs the day after I got them and I did a light set of 135 to warm up without the sleeves, and another right after with the sleeves. The difference was CRAZY! Ended up doing my normal squat routine, which normally kills my knees, but I was getting lower than I was able to without absolute discomfort before. Defiantly would recommend to gym rat with joint issues, or anyone that has issues on the squat rack because their joints." - Jake ★★★★★ 

"I was surprised how much I enjoyed lifting with these. I am an older guy and felt my knees could use the additional support when lifting and these sleeves provided that. I looked around at what was on the market and settled on these as they seemed to be a good value based on other options. What I like about them is how thick they are. 7mm is pretty thick but I had no problem getting them on or taking them off as I purchased the size based on their guidelines. My knees sweat a lot more and the sleeves are wet when removing but that is not a problem in my opinion as I leave them inside out to dry for my next use. I have already recommended these to my lifting partner." - Steve ★★★★★ 


Take your performance to the next level with this Support Knee Pad, feel more confident with work-out activities & doing sports.

  • KNEE COMPRESSION - Sleeves help support & brace the knee joints for recovery and injury prevention
  • COMFORTABLE - Designed with comfort in mind, even pressure throughout the sleeve for bracing effect
  • VERSATILE - The best support for Men & Women - Perfect for Weightlifting, CrossFit & Basketball
  • PROVEN RESULTS - Compression is proven to promote Muscle Recovery and Prevent Injury


  • Material: Nylon, latex silk, spandex, Silicone
  • Size: M (Suitable for leg circumference: 35-41cm)L (Suitable for leg circumference: 42-47cm)XL (Suitable for leg circumference: 48-55cm)
  • Color: Black/Green/Red/Blue/Orange
  • Suitable: Basketball, volleyball, cycling,football,running,fitness
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