Skull Whisky Shot Wine Glass


Product Description:
* This formidable shot glass is Fred's tribute to the Skull of Doom, which Mayan legend claims has the power of life and death. The power to heal or to smite, the power to create miracles
* We make no claims beyond these: this glass will hold 2 ounces of your favorite beverage and will stare right in your favorite beverage and will stare right in your eye as you down your shot. Don't blink!
* Head Skull shaped appearance, very cool and attractive. Unique design, cool and eye-catching
* Attention: This is just a skull shape shot glass. It has nothing to do with Crystal Head Vodka or Dan Aykroyd.

* Made in glass
* Food safe, Does no harm, and with no strange smell
* Make your Party or Home Bar more particularly as normal. 
* Share a good atmosphere when you and your friends to drink.
* Add some paranormal to your party
* Can be as an amazing gift to your family or your friends.
* Made with high quality materials, would not broken easily
* Mainly used to hold liquor such as vodka, whisky, etc
* Perfect for beer or other drinks

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