Silicone Baking & Pastry Mat

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Customer reviews:

"Silicone Baking & Pastry Mat is the greatest invention since bread! To be honest! From pies to bread or cookies to doughnuts, this mat provides the home baker with ample space for any kind of doughy project. No matter how active you are when rolling dough, the mat never moves around on the counter and, all four edges lie flat. Best of all, dough doesn't stick to it, even with little to no flour. The measuring marks have proven to be invaluable, especially when rolling out pie dough. (Not one of my better tricks!) I'm extremely happy with Silicone Baking & Pastry Mat and plan to give one as a gift to a friend in Washington. It's an exceptional product backed by a company that takes an interest in their customers and the performance of their products. I definitely recommend this product. :)" - Larry ★★★★★ 

"I am new to baking and inherited my mothers' baking equipment, her rolling pin, her pastry board, etc. She always made it look so easy. We love crostata, the recipe looked straightforward, but alas, when attempting to use a wooden pastry board and rolling pin, it was a sticky mess.I looked online and saw this silicone pastry mat. Not only did it purport to offer a non-stick rolling surface, but it also allowed me to leave my rolled out dough on it to bake! Could this be? So I just gave it a go with my recent attempt at fruit crostata, and what a pleasant experience. It took all the frustration and anxiety out of the dough rolling and baking experience. My crostata still leaks fruit but I am determined to get this right.
I recommend this mat to any baker who wants a worry free, relaxing baking experience." - Kathryn ★★★★★ 


  • This mat will not slip, move, or bunch up as you work. It STAYS exactly where you place it.
  • Premium non slip surface makes it easy to roll out artisan pastry, pizza, and fondant
  • Baking mat goes from the freezer to the oven! Cold and heat resistant from -40F° to 500F°
  • Measurements, pie circles, and conversion charts ensure gorgeous baked goods
  • Large nonstick sheet cleans up effortlessly! Simply rinse or wipe down after use!
  • FDA food grade certified compliant. NO PVC, BPA, Phthalates, or chemical odors.
  • Mat easily rolls up small to take up little space. Comes with hanging plastic zipper pouch.


  • Materials: Silicone
  • Size: L: 60x40 cm / M: 40x30 cm


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