Romantic Roses Fairy Solar Lights

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Customer reviews:

"These beauties amazed me on there amazing life like realness. They looked like roses you would receive from a forest when i opened the box. So very pretty. I live in Idaho so we get a very cold spring, these are a warm dazzling delight and the first roses im starting my yard with. I ordered a second set for moms garden. She loves them. I highly recommend to family and friends any time of the year. Even if its continous dark days with no sunlight to charge up to shine at night. These are a delight when i go outdoors. My neighbor tried her hardest to buy mine off of me. She did order three for her own garden." - Linda K ★★★★★

"These flower lights are so pretty and perfect to be used outside or inside without any issues. They should match any decor you have, but are perfect for a garden area or something just to make everything a little more decorative. There are 30 LEDs lights on the wire and they're waterproof so they can be used outside without fear of them being damaged by the weather. They operate either in continuous light mode or flashing light mode, and it's easy to alternate between the two options by pressing a button on the back of the solar panel. The lights only need 6 hours of charging time before they're fully charged. The views expressed are 100% my own and are in no way influenced by the promotion that I received." - Cathy ★★★★★


  • Romantic and colorful piece of decoration for your garden, parties, bedroom, living room. Surprise you guests with fairy lights. No time wasting on wiring and changing battery. Perfect gift for your family members and friends.
  • Long lasting, 10000 hours working time, 6 hours of charging time.
  • Energy-saving and eco-friendly: No electricity charges and no extra wiring costs.


  1. Outdoor Solar Light,Convert solar energy into electric energy and stored in the battery.
  2. Solar powered panel is stood by a garden spike.
  3. With different lighting modes and on/off switch to save energy.
  4. Weatherproof, Durable.
  5. For Indoor/Outdoor/Garden/Yard/Gate/porch/Holiday Decoration.


  • Length: 30 LEDs and 20 LEDs
  • Capability: Outdoor Waterproof
  • Power source: Solar Panel
  • Shape: Rose String
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