Pressurized Knee Support

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Customer reviews:

" This Pressurized Knee Support provides the support I need and in the right areas of my knee when working out. I have had 2 ACL reconstructions on my right knee and a meniscus removed. Arthritis has set in and this knee compression sleeve is perfect! It’s comfortable and breathable. The compression promotes blood flow and reduced the amount of swelling I usually incur after a lower body workout. I have other sleeves that work great, but the wraps on this one actually apply a little more pressure and support to my joints and behind my knee so that I’m able to work out a little harder and longer without the sharp pain. It is so easy to put on and moves with me without constricting. Even though I no longer do a lot of impact exercises, this is still beneficial for me when lifting weights and doing lateral moves. I can even use this when I plan to be on me feet, walking, or doing yard work to help ease the pain during and after. I love this product and will be purchasing one for my daughter who has just recently undergone her third ACL reconstruction. We’re not accident prone, we’re just competitive! LOL. I highly recommend this for anyone who suffers from joint pain either from arthritis, surgery, or just soreness." - Joe ★★★★★ 

"This support is very nice for support without extreme constriction. I ordered one size up and they were perfect for me to use when I want to protect my meniscus minimally. I'll use heavy duty knee wraps when it really hurts or there is greater danger of messing it up, like chain sawing on my land. This support is very comfortable for ordinary protection." - David ★★★★★ 


  • Function - This elastic wrap is popular among sports trainers due to the multiple uses, and it nearly can provide firm support for any joints, such as weak wrist, elbow, ankle and knee.
  • COMFORTABLE - It is made of cotton and polyester fiber, breathable, perspiration quickly, dry and comfortable, relieve fatigue. 
  • INCREASE ANKLE FIXITY - Medial/lateral stabilizers offer enhanced proprioception and stability.
  • IDEAL FOR KNEE HEALTH - Designed to minimize the risk of injury especially during the strenuous activities, also helps to relieve edema and symptoms associated with acute injuries, which is ideal for sprains, tendonitis and arthritis.


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