Premium Watercolor Brush Set

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Customer reviews: 

"This is an excellent brush pen set. I tested them on a variety of papers including watercolor paper, gesso prepared paper, card stock, and copy paper. The top strip is watercolor paper, and I found the color to be vibrant and fluid when water was added. I found the brush tip to be very responsive when adding pressure. Additionally, I found the color to move adequately. This worth every penny !!!" - Alexandra ★★★★★ 

"I’ve used brush pens before, or I thought I had, but none like these. The touch is really soft and they move fluidly across the page. I did this flower in a matter of minutes. I didn’t read all the directions for using the pens before doing this poem, but I could have done a watercolor effect with a wet brush after drawing. I like the ease of movement from a thin line to a broad stroke. THESE amazing Premium Watercolor Brush Set from XDealsPro Shop is really a treasure. I will order more for my sister as Christmas Gift." - Paige ★★★★★ 


  • FLEXIBLE AND VERSATILE - brush is very flexible, analog ordinary brush is perfect for study fine details. color bright, water washed away.
  • PERFECT FOR - Coloring books, doodling, comics & manga illustration,Calligraphy and much more!
  • HIGH QUALITY - Long lasting professional standard brush pens designed for perfection.The set includes: aqueous dye brush pen × 20 & water brush × 1
  • EASY TO USE: easy to control the ink or water flow with just a squeeze of the barrel. To use, blend with water, add ink to barrel and enjoy! ( (Note: Please make the water less than 2/3 of the pen's volume when filling water into the pen)
  • WATERCOLOR EFFECT - Dab a plain brush into water, and use on your page to thin out the ink and create a watercolor effect


  • 20 high quality of watercolor brushes
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