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Customer Reviews:
What a fun toy... I really got out of hand with this thing... it does an okay job of engraving... it's a lot quitter than the older plug in ones though. so... it gets the job done.- Jonn Claire ★★★★★

Amazing product. I can engrave just about anything with a hard surface. It writes smooth and very good precision.. – W. P. Wells★★★★★


Personalizer Electric Carving Pen engraving tool allows you to engrave nearly anything you can imagine on almost any type of surface: wood, metal, plastic, leather, glass and much more. Use Personalizer Electric Carving Pen to permanently label and protect your valuables. Safe and easy to use. Personalize your keepsakes, Personalizer Electric Carving Pen is an inexpensive alternative to costly engraving services!

Works just like a pen. Hold the Personalizer Electric Carving Pen like you would a pencil, with your thumb over the control button. Press the control button in with your thumb. Applying slight pressure, press tool down on surface to be engraved. To turn off simply release thumb pressure from control button.

Works on: Metal, Steel, Wood, Leather, Jewelry, Computers, Glass, Plastic, and more....


  • It is not recommended that you engrave electronic media such as CD's or DVD's etc. Because engraving on these materials may damage the media.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Electric Engrave Pen (battery is not included)


  • Size: 17.5*2.9*2.9 cm
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Engraving Speed: 9000RPM
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