Multi-functional Bonsai Kit

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Customer reviews:

"I have gotten into bonsai trees and have re-potted now several trees and these tools are wonderful and I love them. It was great that I found this on for a decent price. If you buy just the root cutter, and the root pick, that alone can cost you nearly the price of this whole set. Maybe when I become more experienced, I might need more tools or even better ones, but so far, these have worked great for me. I have re-potted and wired several trees, some that were already potted, and yesterday I created a bonsai from a 5-gallon Juniper plant which had a large root system and all these tools worked fine. I use most of them. I take care of my tools, making sure to clean them with just water and wiping them dry after each use. They still look like new. Also love that they came with this case, as it keeps all my tools neat and in one handy place. Great buy, highly recommended." - George ★★★★★

"The tools are all working as intended. My girlfriend is a bonsai master and she was elated with the splendid tool kit such that she was so inspired that she has about 8-10 bonsai projects going. The tools are super high quality and they should last a lifetime. This is an EXCELLENT buy for the price. I highly recommend the kit !!!" - Leo ★★★★★


  • Whether you are buying tools for your first bonsai tree or have decided to expand your interest into more advanced bonsai techniques, this is a great kit. The kit costs less than half of what you would pay for by buying individually. This tool set includes almost everything one would ever need from a beginner to a master level bonsai enthusiast. 



  • Suitable for a beginner or a professional
  • Made of carbon steel fully inspected and lightly oiled
  • Excellent durability
  • Portable and easy to store
  • In a heavy duty nylon case with inner flap



  • This extensive 10-pc set includes:
  1. 7 1/2" cutting scissors (large)
  2. 7 1/2" cutting scissors (medium)
  3. 7" trimming scissors
  4. 4 1/4" leaf cutter
  5. 8" concave cutter
  6. 7" wire cutter
  7. 7" root cutter
  8. 8 1/2" rake with spatula
  9. 9" root hook
  10. 5 3/4" broom


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