Mini Pocket Umbrella

Macaron Blue
Classic Black
Mint Green
Dandelion Pink
Lemon Yellow
Blue plus PP Bag
Pink plus PP Bag
Red plus PP Bag
Yellow plus PP Bag

* This Capsule Umbrella is a Creative Gift for Your Parents, Friends, Colleague, and Lovers!
When closed, It can folds into a capsule case.
* The cute umbrella is ultra light-weight and small, only 185 g / 0.41 lbs, can be carried with ease wherever you go, you almost do not feel it's there.
* Ultra small, the cool umbrella is Mini size, foldable to 18 cm / 7 inch, compact design can easily be store in your bag or pocket.
* Flexible fiberglass and 6-rib of aluminum alloy design, Frosted rubberized handle brings you a lasting sense of comfortable grip.
* Fully blocks heat and harsh UV rays with intensive black vinyl coating, prevents 95% of the UV.
* This umbrella works equally well as a Rain Umbrella, Sun Umbrella, But windproof capacity is Not good enough

Umbrella Weight: 185g/0.41 lbs
Case Weight:100g/0.22 lbs
Folding size: 18 cm*4.5cm / 7 inch*1.8 inch
Unfolded size: 85 cm*53cm / 33 inch*21 inch
Number of ribs: 6
Handle Material: Plastic

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