Little Monk Incense Burner

25pcs Random incense
70pcs Mixed incense
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Customer Reviews:

"I really love this cute little monk incense holder. It's super cute. I have used sticks in it but I like it better with the cones. It will hold several cones or 2 incense sticks at a time. It's adorable at the same time. It goes really well with my decor. Every time I look at this little Monk, I remember to breathe and I feel more calm and relaxed. Of course using great incense helps too. I am giving it 5 stars because it is so cute and a great holder for both my incense sticks and cones." - Lorian D. ★★★★★ 

"I've become obsessed with incense lately. This burner is super cute and detailed and the backflow is so cool! It looks like a water fall going down through the 'steps'. You can tell it is hand crafted and I really like that the only color is his shirt. This comes with great smelling backflow incense for added enjoyment and great priced!" - Tarah S. ★★★★★ 


  • Handmade &Unique design
  • Exquisite gifts & Beautiful Home Decor
  • Can be used with Backflow Cones & Sticks
  • Get relaxed from the physical to the psychological, Put aside the troubles of life,
  • Enjoy the peace of this moment
  • The smoke steam down like a waterfall, the incense burner surrounded by smoke, a mysterious atmosphere


  • Incense Burner: Holds cone and incense stick at the same time.
  • Assuaging and Calming
  • Create peaceful and relaxing atmosphere
  • Mind tranquilizer and metal stress reliever
  • Purify air - keep you healthy and beautiful
  • Perfect decor for any rooms
  • Give your guests a sense of luxury and elegance


  • Material:Ceramic
  • Size:12*9cm 


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