Light Bulb Zapper™

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Customer Reviews:

"I am so glad to have this for my baby’s room! I feel so much better knowing that he’ll be safe from the mosquitoes, as summer is upon us. I got one for my each of my baby’s rooms.

It really does work!
It is a baby blue color which matches the baby room and the pink for her room
Dual function: nightlight (the zapping light) and a regular full light

I can’t think of any right now. :)" - Walter I. Curry ★★★★★

"Nice LED, mosquito eliminator. I actually bought this for my outdoor string lights over my deck and patio. We have a lot of mosquitoes this time of year and I hate using the sprays cause you almost have to shower before bed, otherwise your sheets suck up that smell. So this solves that issue and also I didn't want a traditional zapper that are always so bulky and requires a separate plug in to use. Dual function for me, light and zapper on my deck. Love it." - James M. Dudley ★★★★★

  • Two in one function both for house lighting and bugs, insects, fruit flies and mosquitoes killing.
  • Adopt LED light-wave technology, effectively baiting and trapping mosquitoes or other insects.
  • Non-toxic and odorless, no sprays or chemicals.
  • Light Bulb Zapper™ can be used as light bulb only, as a zapper only or both.
  • US 110V & EU 220V Option
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