LED Reading Lamp

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Customer reviews: 

 "I wanted a book light that I could use at night in bed that would not be so bright that it would wake my husband. This LED Reading Lamp was perfect. Before the LED Reading Lamp I had a clip-on booklight that I believe was a freebie at a job fair and it was aggravating everytime I went to turn the page, plus the light wouldn't be evenly distributed and I felt like I was constantly having to remove the light and just shine it on the part I was reading. I like that the LED Reading Lamp lays right on top of my page and lights the entire page evenly for easy reading in the dark. I would definitely recommend this product." - Kayla ★★★★★ 

"I can not imagine how I survived before I bought my LED Reading Lamp! I have had many booklights for reading at night and in the car, but this one is the best ever. It is lightweight and gives just the right amount of light on your book without disturbing the driver in a car or your partner in the bed. It is great to travel with since it is slim and can actually be left in the book as your bookmark. I have the case for it and I can just slip it in and out of the case as needed. The batteries last and last so you don't need to worry about going through lots of batteries. This is a great invention and well worth every penny!" - Paula ★★★★★ 


  • A completely new way to use light for reading 
  • Novelty design: the entire transparent panel lights up 
  • Simply slide the light panel on the current page you are reading and the page will be "lighted" 
  • Make the light directly in the page, downy light 
  • Without stray light escaping to bother anyone else 
  • Offers wide area flood/ spread lighting instead of traditional book lights that outputs spot/ focus lights 
  • Maximize reduce eyestrain 
  • Portable and lightweight design 
  • One-turning operation, adjustable brightness 


  • Powered by 3 x AAA batteries (Not included).
  • Panel Size: Approx.170 x 145 x 3mm (L x W x H).
  • Color: Transparent panel with Black handle.
  • Material: High Quality Plastic.
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