Identity Theft Protection Stamp

blue 26mm
green 26mm
rose 26mm
white 26mm
yellow 26mm
blue 15mm
green 15mm
pink 15mm
rose 15mm
yellow 15mm
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Customer Reviews:

"I used to shred everything but it got a little tiresome doing that. Now I only shred papers that have really personal information. With this little roller stamp, I can hide my information on all that pesky junk mail without having to shred. Its also such a pain to rip off shipping labels from all the packages I receive on a weekly basis. This is going to cut down on all that time and make it so much easier to hide my address and phone number. On magazines and paper envelopes it works great. I made sure to follow the easy directions and I haven't had any problems with it yet. Its small so it won't take up that much space in my drawer but its big enough that its easy to hold/handle. There is a button on top (the black one) that you press down on to make the roller come out of the bottom. I love that it hides away so you don't get ink on something you don't want, but sometimes I forget to press on it again to retract it. I'm thinking about buying a 2nd one for my office." - Matthew ★★★★★ 

"This little roller is AWESOME! I was looking for a better way, to black-out my personal information from mailings, before I tossed them into the trash. Before I bought this stamp, I was using permanent markers. But, either they dried out, ran out of ink, or they smeared on the paper and my fingers. So, it was becoming expensive, to continue buying permanent markers. I researched black-out ink stamps, before I chose this one. It seems to work as described. The ink so far, does not smear on the paper or my fingers, and it completely covers my personal information. So, I guess you would have to shred or cut up your personal information." - Darcetha ★★★★★ 


  • Make your personal information illegible with this self inking roller stamp
  • Ideal for use on junk mail, credit card offers, and bills.
  • Eliminates the need for a noisy and expensive shredder, or can be used in conjunction with a shredder for added security
  • Thousands of impressions before re-inking.


  • Covers large swaths of confidential information in a quick and clean way
  • Works well on all regular papers, envelopes and package addresses
  • Ink quickly dries, one swipe to obscure the text underneath it
  • Prints in black ink;
  • Prints Width:15mm / 26 mm
  • Comes in assorted color 


Product Size

1.1(L) x 1.1(W) x 2.2(H) inches

(2.8 x 2.8 x 5.8 cm)

Product Weight

1.4 oz / 40g

Package Component

1 x roller stamp

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