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Customer Reviews:

"This wand is light and gripping is great! It comes with 2 different spray tips and both has been meeting my need. I have been using it to wash my car, my fish cooler, and exterior of my house. When I connect the wand to the hoses that I purchased at the store, it fits perfectly and no leak so far. Since it is tiny, it does not take long to dry and I could quickly put it back into my storage shed." - Glenn Carver ★★★★★

"Bought this power wash spray to clean my son’s play house. It fits our garden hose easily. The water pressure is good enough to clean the dust, dirt, leaves and bird poop on the play house. It came with two different type of tips. We tried both of them and they works very well. We are very pleased with the price we paid for a pressure wash and it really serves its purpose." - Joseph Howard ★★★★★


Transforms a garden hose into a pressure washer. Great for cleaning decks, driveways, patios, cars, and other outdoor stains. Connects to most household garden hoses.


  • Comes with two brass nozzles—one for narrow stream spray and one for a wide fan spray.
  • Aluminum, and stainless steel construction.
  • Rust-free brass.
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