Garden Claws Gloves - Right Handed Model

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Customer Reviews:
I love my this gloves. They protect my hands from thorns and I get a good grip when I rack the leaves with them. They are useful in reaching roots and pulling weeds. I am looking forward to planting seeds with them after the frost is gone. - Marjorie Klain★★★★★

These gloves are great for digging especially when you don't have tools handy. The gloves protects your hands so they don't get wet. The gardening tools included are awesome. I'm very happy with this set. – Lucinda★★★★★

. High density plastic claws instantly replace hand tools
. Makes digging, planting, grading and raking fast and easy
. Durable and puncture resistant to protect your hands — prevents cuts and blisters
. Flexible, ergonomic design for handling small objects
. Rinses clean and keeps hands dry

. Material: Rubber + Polyester + ABS plastic
. Size: 24 * 14 CM, one size fits all.
. Please note: due to manual measurement, there may be 2-3 cm deviation exists, I hope you can understand.
. Package: 1 pair of Garden Claws Gloves
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