Flying Fairy Princess

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Customer reviews:

"This is a great toy in all honesty. The best place n my house to use it is the kitchen. It is the most open space, with the least breakable s. Although we recalibrated it. It is a bit difficult to use for my daughter (6) in our home. We have 8' ceilings and it will push up against them and stay at times. But when it used in a hall with 10' ceilings we loved it. We still enjoy it.I'm ordering more for this Christmas." - Stephanie ★★★★★

"My four year old loves this thing. She talked about it so much, her father bought one for his house. She immediately shows everyone who walks in the house how it works. She has not had any problems charging it, or operating it (push button once to get her to fly, then twice to make her land). Occasionally the wings pop off, but they pop right back on. This thing has crashed about 100 times, and still works great (which I was rather shocked, but its a good thing!)" - Ashley ★★★★★


  • The Flying Fairy Doll has finally come to our life ! Magically - control her as she floats over your palm.
  • Flying Fairy Princess is dressed in dazzling attire and her charging base has been specially crafted into a fairy princess theme.
  • Your Flying Fairy Princess rests up between flights on her royal charging base and easily rel-aunches with just the touch of a button.


  • Function: up, down, sensor controlled
  • Open the fly Fairy switch, hand hold the flying fairies legs, the Fairy rotation then left the hand! ,Flying fairies began as low-speed rotation, the speed will reach a certain lift after take off!
  • After take off flying fairies, a certain height in the air will drop, and then reach out to fly fairy feet, below the sensor will start to rise from the reach!


  • Size: 20 CM
  • Package: 1pcs
  • Charging Time : 20-30 Minutes
  • Flying Time : 8-15 Minutes
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