Jellyfish Glowing Effect - Aquarium Decoration 6Pcs/6Color


Product Description:
* Ideal decoration for the fish tank or aquarium
* Incredibly detailed imitative jellyfish
* Transparent colors;air-filled floating
* Moved by water currents
*Attaches by thin invisible line and suction cup, can be controlled the random position
* Harmless to all fish
* Realistically molded in soft silicon
* For both fresh and softwater
* Glowing effect: the glowing effect is the fluorescence effect: When the object obsorbed the energe like ultraviolet, Solar short wave, it will slightly emit the light for a while in darkness

* Material: Soft silicone
* Color: Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Green(6 colors)
* Diameter: 5cm / 1.97” app.
* Full length: 12cm / 5.12” app.

Special Note:
* This simulation jellyfish is not luminous, dark environment itself is not glowing, but our jellyfish are high permeability, with the fish tank light irradiation will have fluorescent effect.
* Please according to the light, choose jellyfish color, you can choose with their fish tank light contrast jellyfish, so jellyfish fluorescent effect will be more obvious, better look.

Package includes:
6 x Artificial Jellyfish (1 piece per color)

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