Electronic Air Drumsticks

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Customer reviews:

 "This was a Christmas gift for my 8 year old grandson. He was telling me how much fun they were. He's just loving them and were very easy to work. I just had to remind him to turn them off before they are put up. Sound quality is so good. Such a great gift." -Alfred ★★★★★ 

"I love the concept. These are a Christmas gift (2017) for a six-year old niece who wants to play drums. Her mother and father rolled their eyes upward and groaned at the thought of a snare and bass drum set in their livingroom. I asked if I could give her these to see if she'll continue her interest once she sees what's involved. Her grandmother, a former teacher and school principle, said she could even store them at her house and work with little Jillian when the kids visit her."- Shay ★★★★★ 


  • Creates a unique techno beat, crashing cymbal sounds, and a snare drum beat when you tap them against any surface.The sticks have powerful built-in speakers and a pre-recorded music track. Lightweight and amusing.
  • Ideal for children, teenagers and even the Young at Heart, this item is guaranteed to have both adults and children banging out Rhythms in no time.
  • The new type of educational toys, with every tap, a cool red LED illuminates the tip of each drumstick.
  • Perfect birthday and Christmas gifts for children.


  • Easy ON/OFF button to switch while playing.
  • Beat the tip of the Drum Stick on any surface to create drum sound.
  • Tip of the Drum Stick will light up with each beat.
  • For crash cymbal sound, hold Crash button while beating tip of the Electronic Air Drumsticks.
  • For snare sound, hold Snare button while beating tip of the Electronic Air Drumsticks.
  • Press melody button for background music.
  • Your perfect skill will make wonderful rhythm in the air.


  • Use 2 "AA" 1.5V batteries for each drumstick.(Battery not included). 
  • Material: ABS Plastic.
  • Size: 35 x 10 x 5 cm.
  • Weight: 0.3 kg
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