Dog Treat Launcher - Food Training


Product Description:
* It comes with a wrist strap, that makes it very portable
* The handle is designed to give you comfortable grip
* Perfect for dogs and cats, easy to load and fun to use
* This toy is great interactive fun for you and your dog/cat
* It is easy to load with your pets favorite treats and has a spring loaded trigger to launch treats 
* No need to hold those treats and worry about getting the crumbs off your hands 
* You can now keep your hands free to pet your dog 
* NO battery required 


How to use: 
1. Open the transparent cover, put some small food size food treats, close the cover
2. Pull down the launcher bolt and make the food lay o launcher tube
3. Press the spring action trigger and watch the treats fly



* Color: We will sent you a random color item.
* Material: Plastic
* Quantity: 1pc
* Length: approx 19*11*3cm
* Weight: 118G

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