DIY Microwave Oven Baked Potato Chips

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Customer reviews:

" I love this DIY Microwave Oven Potato Chips so much !!! The chips came out as it's supposed to. It even has the space for sauces so that you just take it out and put the sauces on then eat right away. I used to cook chips in the conventional way but it took a lot of time, thanks to this I just got to wait for my chips to come out perfectly. This potato chips holder an also acts as a dryer after you wash the potato, what a brilliant idea. Huge thanks to whoever invented this piece of equipment. Highly recommended to everyone out there !!!" - Lana ★★★★★   

" Works just as advertised !!! The chips turn out great !! Enjoying every chips ! My kids keep telling me to make a bow full of chips for them every evening. This amazing cooking equiment makes me less worried about my kids' health because there is less oil in the chips when cook in the conventional method. I can used to additional bit to slice the potato with perfect thickness. This may sounds strange but i used this for apple, pumpkins, and bread also . Five stars for sure !!!" - Cindy ★★★★★   


  • Make yourself and your family an oil-free, low calorie crispy potato chips. So that everyone can enjoy delicious and healthy chips together in a very easy way.
  • Besides the potato chips, it can be used to make carrot chips, sweet potato chips, pumpkin chips, lotus root chips, or even apple etc ...


  • Hold up to dozens of chips, can be used right out of the oven.
  • Function as a drain dryer as well.
  • Included slicer for perfect thickness of chips.
  • Made of high quality stainless steel and ABS.
  • Non toxic materials, Easy to Clean, Dishwasher safe.


  • Package weight: 265g
  • Material: stainless steel(blade)+ABS
  • Quantity: 3pcs / set
  • Package contents: 1* potato tray; 1* potato stander; 1* potato slicer 
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