Cycling Wristband Mirrors

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Customer reviews:

"This is an unique cycling glove with a rear-view mirror. In just one glance you can have a clear view to the rear. Anticipate traffic situations. I can now see cars and other cyclists coming up from behind me as well. Also ideal for recreative and sportive cyclists. This mirror glove is not part of the bike, therefore not vulnerable to theft or vandalism. ( especially, here in New York City). Also, no more constantly looking over the shoulder and losing your balance. I can now keep sight on my child sitting behind me. Perfect for recumbent bikes as well I suppose. Now you can have eyes in your back! I received this product discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Maybe I will use it on work to keep an eye on my manager sitting behind me. He always seem to somehow sidle up behind me when I am not looking." - George ★★★★★ 

"This mirror is very comfortable for cyclists, because it allows you to see overtaking vehicles in advance. The benefits are great for both motorists and cyclists. Avoid problems and accidents, cars can slide faster if the cyclist moves to one side, and cyclists can raise the level of attention at the right time. A simple tool that weighs a bit, and in sessions where you walk around frequented roads, it will be useful. The bracelet is very comfortable to carry to the arm, there are no size problems." - Stephen ★★★★★ 


  • This brand new rearview cycling glove is a great source of security and fun.
  • Our wristband rearview mirror made of high quality breathable material which may offer you comfortable feeling. Adjustable mirror height.
  • A wristband, also a great rearview mirror, perfect for bicycle and motorcycle. Free of control, convenient, wide field of vision.
  • Our bicycle mirror wristband with pocket inside, one can put coins and keys. T-Shape rubber buckle prevents the wrist band falling.
  • Compact and lightweight, protects your wrist from getting hurt.
  • Anti-slip, shock-absorbing pad, breathing mesh band and adjustable strap, convenient to wear.


  • Size: approx. 9*8*2.5cm
  • Mirror size: diameter 5cm
  • Weight: about 0.12kg
  • Material: Breathable & durable fabric
  • Used on: BMX,Cruisers,Kids' Bikes,Mountain Bikes,Road Bicycles
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