Carbon Branches Pruning Shear

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Customer reviews:

"These are an excellent product. Light weight, extremely sharp. Easy to use. My hand does not become tired, I believe due to the lightness of the carbon and steel materials and contour of the handles. Blades are easy to "aim" so that I reach the correct area to be trimmed. I am very glad that I made the purchase - after all of the researching I did, it was the right choice. I'm buying more cause my husband keeps taking mine."  - Susan ★★★★★

"Traditional is right. I put this next to my 20 year old shears, and they look the same.Nice cut. Good solid pin bearing. Excellent handles.It has a comfortable cushioned grip and are ergonomically designed for comfort. I used it to trim a branch off a young Oak tree that was a good half inch in diameter. It sliced through the brand like butter. The shears are very, very sharp. I trimmed several bushes and plants, and my hand did not tire from the activity. I believe part of the reason is the difference in weight of these shears, which are lighter than other garden shears I have been using. After prolonged use with the others, I felt like I just could hardly hold them any longer. I would highly recommend this Carbon Branches Pruning Shear" - Ray ★★★★★

  • PRUNE, CUT & TRIM: With these pruning scissors, cutting your shrubs, bushes, plants, flowers, fruits and trees is easy thanks to razor sharp hardened carbon steel blades and comfortable grip. Ideal for small-large sized hands.
  • ► DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Hardened carbon & steel produces smooth, sharp, even cuts that quickly slice through branches & twigs for faster, prettier and healthier landscaping. The embedded spring brings a responsive comfortable bounce to your cutting action which will protect your hand and wrist. The spring gently opens blades after each cut to reduce hand strain.
  • ► ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Non-Slip Soft Grip Handles designed for maximum comfort, these shears make gardening comfortable so you can enjoy your hobby for hours on end without blisters or calluses.
  • ► NO STICKY SAP: A special sap groove design ensures your scissors don’t get sticky. The blades and rubberized grips are super easy to clean and require virtually no maintenance. They storage easy and safe with the very secure open/close clip closure system.
  • ► EASY TO USE: The latches won’t jam, You can count on these pruners to deliver superior, long lasting performance and great results.


  • Ideal for cutting stems and branches
  • Premium quality sharp blades made of high carbon alloy steel with anti-rust processing.
  • Safety Lock - easy open/close lock for convenient security system.
  • The spring loaded handles with unique imitation wood design hard PC to give superior comfort.
  • Low-friction coating helps blade glide through wood, prevents the blades from gumming up with sap and debris and helps the blades resist rust
  • Durable, lifetime long lasting.


  • Total length: 20.2cm
  • Blades length: 5cm
  • Net weight:  300g
  • Product Color: Silver-gray
  • Product Material: high carbon steel


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