Camera Rolling Slider

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Customer reviews:

 "Rock solid little camera rolling slider, smooth in-line skate wheels, perfect little case. It works great with a pocket camera shooting video, as long as you only truck (move left and right, perpendicular to the subject) with it, so that the subject remains at a (nearly) constant distance from the camera (or if you go around a subject, again, where it remains at the same distance from the camera). If you actually try to dolly with it (move towards or away from the subject) then you will lose focus. For real DSLRs that have some sort of focus tracking, this is not a problem, but it is something you should be aware of, especially since the camera will not always focus on what you expect it to. This is not a shortcoming of this camera rolling slider , it's physics getting in the way." - Allison ★★★★★ 

"This fits my needs perfectly. I can keep this little ball head in the camera bag without it taking up space or adding weight - and yet, when I need it - it comes through perfectly! Don't let the size and price fool you. This is a nice quality product that works exactly like it should. I usually use it for smaller "pocket" cameras with 1/4" mount threads, but it will easily hold your full sized DSLR or video camera. I would recommend this product for professional photographer" - Sean ★★★★★ 


  • This Camera Rolling Slider is designed to help you create more dynamic shots on flat surfaces like on table, ground, etc.
  • Slim design, flexible adjustment, lightweight and portable, perfect for indoor, outdoor, travel and compact enough to take anywhere with you!
  • It is versatile for HDV HDSLR film makers, especially for follow focus users when taking photo or video; it can be used to mount LED light, flash or LCD Monitor on to your DSLR cage, HDSLR camera, rail rod (clamp),shoulder mount rig, DSLR camera,smartphone,Gopro,ball heads,bracket, hot shoe base, magic arm etc.
  • Using solid aluminum alloy plate carrying cameras, double rubble wheel bearings and steels car wheel can ensure smooth scrolling, loading capacity up to 15Kg.
  • The precise scale on the disc helps you slide your camera in the right direction with the lock screw; 0-180 turning angle, standard 1/4-inch screw thread and 3/8 inch screw thread.


  • Material: aluminum alloy, silica gel
  • Plate length: 150mm
  • Wheel diameter: 65mm 
  • Bearing: 15KG
  • Weight: 475g
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