Body Kun Drawing Mannequin

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Customer reviews:

 "I absolutely love this mannequin, the muscle definition is really nice and also the proportion are really good. It's a very dynamic and easy-to-pose figurine. The accessories definitely make it so much better for figure drawing/practice. The mannequin has been extremely helpful to me in drawing male bodies and I plan on getting a second one to pose them together. I would recommend this model mannequin for every artist out there !!!" - Joshua ★★★★★ 

"Very impressed with this figurine. It's small, but its flexibility and articulation is fantastic. This makes the poses you create actually stay how you want them. I can create poses that I desired, I enjoyed this because it revealed things about where the points of articulation on a real human arm are as well. Load of accessories come with it. Best kit ever !!!" - Travis ★★★★★ 


  • Highly realistic, articulated figures created with the artist in mind.
  • Over recent years, the numbers of digital artists has increased rapidly, and with Body Kun Drawing Mannequin humanoid figure collection, you can easily create a base pose to even the most dynamic of drawings!
  • Many joints make it even easier to recreate a desired pose or action. This figure includes everything you need to create a masterpiece
  • Product replicates the anime design and look and is perfect for any collection
  • Product comes well sculpted and engineered to provide customers best product experience


  • Material:PVC
  • Size: Approx 15cm
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