BBQ Sauces Injector

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Customer reviews:

"This BBQ Sauces Injector is great for all types of meat. My husband loves to smoke meats. We had the most amazing smoked turkey and pork roast. Using the injections made it so tender and moist and flavorful. It’s so much better than using a tenderizer and the single shot injector. Had house warming and everyone said it was the best brisket they've had. We can't wait to use it again this weekend. No more saying .. Five Stars !!!" - Darla ★★★★★ 

"This BBQ Sauces Injector always saves me time in cooking, it still remains the natural juice of the meat and makes the meat to taste good. This Sauces Injector is very easy to clean it is dishwasher safe so if you feel like you are tired in washing it by hand you can just toss it in the dishwasher and the dishwasher will do the job for you . And it is has 3-position dial positions makes me feel safe. im so happy that i bought this item because it is really is a life saver specially in seasoning and tenderizing meat faster." - Peter ★★★★★ 


  • DUAL FUNCTION-A built-in plunger releases marinade into meat via three needle-like applicators, quickly saturating the interior of food with flavor enhancing ingredients.
  • FASTER-30 Stainless Steel Blade Meat Tenderizer Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Blades Create Small Pockets in the Meat where it can retain its own Juices. It also quickens the marinating and cooking time by up to 40% by creating "heat channels".
  • SAFE- 3 Oz Flavor Injector Syringe Only Premiala uses 100% food-safe 304-grade stainless steel for every component which touches the marinade. Guaranteed to keep your family safe!
  • Easy to Use - Easy to Clean - Locks with the blades inside and has a cover for safe storage.
  • Tips: When receiving it,you may find there was a little oil in the tube.The oil was used for protection and will protect the product from abrasion. It is EDIBLE and SAFE.Please make sure to WASH it carefully.Please make sure that the particles of your pepper or sauce are GROUND to the FINEST, or they will plug the hole of it.The holes at the injection part of the tenderizer are designed small, because the larger particles in the pepper or sauce are prevented from being injected into the meat.


  • Excellent solution - the sauce is injected into the meat and gives it a piquant taste, evenly process the steak or brisket with meat injector and it's ready to cook
  • Triple blow- three meat tenderizer needles deliver the marinade to the deep layers
  • Softening - meat marinade injector have 30 stainless steel needles which break the structure of the meat giving it a tender taste
  • Versatility - the sauce injector has a regulation of penetration depth of sauce and needles for meat of various thicknesses. Meat tenderizer marinade scale on the tank will help to dose the sauce
  • Safety - flavor injector is simply disassembled and cleaned for repeated use; meat tenderizer needle has a safe lock
  • Materia: High quality Stainless Steel
  • Size: 22.5*6.7cm
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