Aromatherapy Car Diffuser

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Customer reviews:

"Simple so it is inexpensive but does what it was intended to do. I bought two of these and they are already getting a lot of use. Just a drop or two of your favorite essential oil on one of the pads provided then insert using the clip into a vent in your car. Turn on the air and enjoy the aroma that fills your vehicle. Just make sure you change the pad when you change oil scents or you may end up with a mixture of two oils that isn't what you intended.This is probably great for a gift along with a 5 or 10 ml bottle of essential oil for anyone who may otherwise be hard to find a gift." - Eric ★★★★★ 

"These are just perfect! They are made of quality materials and are equally at home in my husband’s Mercedes and my Ford pick-up. I have been using them for a couple of weeks now and am still enjoying the subtle, soothing scent as I enter either vehicle. A perfect pairing with Sirius Spa channel.  Highly recommend them. Would buy more as gifts" - Rachel ★★★★★ 


  • Aromatherapy car diffuser vent clip design, easy to clip onto the car vents, perfect essential oil diffuser for car
  • Portable car diffuser made of surgical grade stainless steel, anti-corrosion, hypoallergenic for long life
  • 30mm car diffuser, hollow locket design, 2 strong magnetic closure, comes with 11 refill pads for replacement use with different essential oil
  • Easy use car diffuser, doesn't need to charge or require a filter or to put water in it either, just need to drop A few drops essential oil into the refill pads is ok.
  • Use the essential oil diffuser for car with different essential oil such as peppermint, rose, lavender, lemon, eucalyptus etc, purify the air inside the car, reduce stress and motion sickness, increase your alertness while driving on the rode


  • Locket Material: 316L stainless steel
  • Locket Size:30mm in diameter(1.18 in)
  • Locket weight: 0.7 oz for each
  • Felt pad size: 22mm in diameter
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