48 Needle Meat Tenderizer

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Customer reviews:

"Amazing product. I had gone into a restaurant that had sirloin steak on the menu. After being served the steak, I cut into it and tasted it. I was in disbelief. I love the taste of sirloin but the meat was much too tender to be sirloin. I asked the waitress, she said she'll ask the cook how it came out so tender. The owner/cook came out and informed me. I asked what is that? He left and returned with one, which is the exact model shown here. He told me that he bought it on the xdealspro, and I went and got one. To say the least I use it a lot. After a couple of decades I needed to replace it. I was super pleased to see the Amazon price. It makes any meat tender, and cuts the cooking time way down. It's a must to have!" - Richard ★★★★★ 

"I love this. It is so much easier on my table and muscles than pounding away with a mallet. I was told by a friend that this wouldn't work as well as a mallet to tenderize, that I would loose juice. I have found that not to be true. My cuts are tender and succulent. I also think that this helps seasonings to get down into the meat. It flattens the meat quickly and easily. There is a guard to protect you from the blades so that you cannot cut yourself while handling it. You have to push down on it and the blades come out and pierce the meat. The guard comes off so that you can clean the blades, but I find that I can clean it adequately without even removing the guard. It also has a plastic hard cover for the blades." - Lisa ★★★★★ 


  • A MUST HAVE ESSENTIAL TOOL IN THE KITCHEN! For All Chef, Foodie And Cooking Enthusiasts, The Best Kept Secret Of Top Restaurants In Their Kitchens. It Will Make A Huge Difference In The Quality Of The Meat You Prepare (Grill, Pan, Broil, Bake, BBQ). Improves Quality of your Life Enjoying Daily Meals With Tender, Delicious And Succulent Meats (Steak, London Broil, Round Roast, Chicken Breast, Pork Loin, Etc....).
  • Tired of cleaning the splatters of blood and meat bits from the tile behind your kitchen counter? GET RID OF THAT MEAT MALLETS OR HAMMERS! WHY? Because Pounding Make The Meat Flatten Destroying The Muscles Fibers And The Collagen. Making The Meat Looks Horrible And Smashed. Buy It Now 48 Needle Meat Tenderizer...
  •  HOW IT WORKS? The 48 Razor Sharp Needle break down the connective tissues that makes the toughness of the meat and making it hard to eat. Reducing the cooking time by 40% and the shrinkage with no loss of natural juices. Increasing marinadate to absorb faster into meat and make it tasty and juicy. It tenderizes without distorting or damaging the meat.
  • Easy to Use & Control - Ergonomic design with a comfortable, non-slip handle. Simply press down on the top and the sharp blades cut through the toughest fibers of your particular cut of meat. Requiring very little energy to use.
  • Reduce Marinade & Cooking Time - These tiny channels within the meat allow marinades to be fully absorbed into the meat in as little as 5 minutes. They also allow heat to penetrate more quickly to reduce cooking time by up to 40%.
  • Maximize Meat’s Tenderness & Flavor - Less cooking time means less loss of natural flavors and juices. The tiny channels provide marinades pathway deep into the meat and help cook more evenly by reducing shrinkage, resulting in much more juicy and flavorful meat.
  • Double protectiove cover can resist dust and prevent scratching the blades or injuring person. 


  • Color: Black or White
  • Size:5.9 x 1.4 x 4.3 inches
  • Item Weight: 272g
  • Package Weight: 304g
  • Material: Stainless steel blade + ABS

How to use:

  1. Please cleaned thoroughly for the first time using.
  2. Place the steak, pork or other cut of meat on the cutting board and remove the protective cover.
  3. Gently press the item on the top of meat and repeat the process over the whole meat.(Avoid the bones)
  4. Turn the piece of meat over, repeat this on the other side for some thicker meat.
  5. Cleaned after each use and can be cleaned in dishwasher with the water temperature does not exceed 80 degrees.
  6. Can put some edible oil or lard on steel pipe of both sides for using.
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