Mini 3D Casting Kit

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Customer reviews:

"Everything arrived as advertised, the clay was perfectly soft. I did one footprint from each of our twin babies, perfectly casted. All in all, for the price, you really can't go wrong with this. The quality and personal touches on this gift will be something the moms or women in your life will treasure forever. Thanks xdealspro a bunch for the offer !"- Jon ★★★★★ 

I decided I wanted something unique for my desk at work so I got this. Its so easy to use. You take the clay out of the pouches it comes in and mix it together and then put it in the frame. Put your kids hand and food in it and let it sit for 48 hours and its done. The best part with using clay is if you mess up you can reroll it and try again. It took us about 5 times to get the hand print we liked so I'm glad we had the option to get trying until we likes it. I recommend doing hand first and then foot. It seems like everyone has a harder time getting a good hand print."- Josh ★★★★★ 


  • CAPTURE THEIR PERFECT LITTLE HANDS AND FEET FOREVER - We can't stop your little angel from growing up but we can help you create a masterpiece of their adorable handprint and footprint to cherish for a lifetime
  • DISPLAY YOUR BABY PROUDLY ON YOUR MANTLE - Place your baby's clay prints next to your family pictures and keep that physical reminder even if one day they turn into a teenage monster
  • ALMOST AS GOOD AS BOTTLING YOUR NEWBORN’S SCENT - Creating the memory of your baby's handprint and footprint is almost as good as bottling up your baby's special scent as a newborn
  • MAKES A SUPER THOUGHTFUL BABY SHOWER GIFT! If you are looking to dazzle and surprise your best friend, this is the gift to do it. Our deluxe Bubzi ® Keepsake Frame Kit is the perfect gift your friend will use and appreciate throughout her life!
  • FREE 'BABY FIRSTS' EBOOK INCLUDED - After you complete the clay keepsake the fun does not end there! Create fun memories with your baby for their first 12 months with our printable ebook and place next to your keepsake

Pakage  Include: 

  • 100g x Molding powder
  • 100g x Plaster 
  • 1 x Gold/Silver powder 
  • 1 x Brush   
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