3 in 1 Plant Fertility Tester

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Customer reviews:

"I have never used a moisture meter in the past but a friend suggested that I get one as I invested a significant amount of money into plants for my deck this year. As I said, I have never used a moisture meter in the past and without fail, I have always been successful in killing almost everything that I am able to grow and purchase! After using this meter for a few weeks now, I can see that I have been over watering my plants and potted vegetables. I love how simple this is to use and surprised that most of the time, given my past track record, I would have drowned my plants. Now I just take an extra minute and check each one to see if and how much water I need to use. So far it has been fairly accurate as I have tested the soil to see if the results were what I would have expected. I've spoken with friends who use this type of meter and they too have had great luck with them. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has potted plants and I don't think I would ever go without again in the future." - Nick C. ★★★★★

"This is the coolest thing! I tend to over water my plants and I KNOW I've killed many plants because of doing that. I can't have house plants because of 3 curious young cats but I bought 2 Christmas cactus in tiny pots and don't know how they will react to the desert heat so for now, I have them on a window sill that will hopefully be away from little cat eyes. These plants say not to water until soil is dry, so the meter is exactly what I must have. I watered them 2 days before getting the meter, and it showed 1 plant was in the wet zone and 1 was in the middle. Each day they change, as the plants dry out-which is fabulous. I will be ordering several more because I have containers outside of wildflowers and bigger cactus and until summer, it's so hard to know WHEN to water and not create roots that are too wet. Love it, Inexpensive and came right away." - Gwen ★★★★★


  • High accuracy and Rapid respond: there are three calibration tables, you can respectively get the accurate value immediately
  • Compact and portable: it is convenient to use it indoor, outdoor or in your greenhouse
  • Promote Healthy plants: it ensures and maintains the health and quality of your greenery. By using it, you can know when to water, control PH level and whether the plant getting adequate sunlight


  • For outdoor & indoor plants, gardens & grass lawn
  • Take the guess work out of your daily garden watering light and moisture.
  • Save water, energy and keep your plants, lawn and flower in top condition.
  • Prevents over and under watering
  • Scientifically accurate - Easy to use, just insert and read
  • No battery required, simple and convenient to operate
  • Simply insert the meter into the soil, switch to the setting you want to measure and read the scale.
  • No pushing through stones to avoid damaging the electrode, please clean the electrode after each use.
  • Functions: Moisture measurement at root level, PH Levels measurement, Light Levels measurement
  • Suitable area: Outdoor plants, house plants, gardens, lawns, check compost moisture


  • Probe length: 20cm
  • Dimension: 29*5*3.8cm
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