14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot Kit

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Customer reviews:

 "My in-laws got this kit for my son for his 7th birthday. He loves robots, and was super excited about it, which means he bugged me everyday after his birthday to help him put it together. He chose this one for his 1st build. The manufacturer suggests this is for ages 8 and up. All in all it's a decent kit. Great kit for beginner and intermediate builders. I recommend this kit for beginner robo and engineer enthusiasts. !!!" - Adam ★★★★★

"Small. Simple. Fun project. Cutting off plastic spurs left behind from seperation is important for the robots to run properly. Worth the time to do it. After cutting away what I could, I used a small sponge sanding block to smooth the area out. My 9 y/o son did most of the work and built the first few bots himeself. A little guidance goes a long ways. Start with the simpler bots first. Work your way up into the more difficult builds. Kit comes w/several sealable baggies to keep the parts seperate for storage and safe keeping. We spent the summer building the different robots and he learned a lot about following direction, construction and how gears work together. Highly recommended." - David ★★★★★


  • This solar powered robot can be transformed into 14 different robot modes.
  • Powered by the sun - no batteries required.
  • Two levels of building skill levels so the beginner and experienced robot builder will be equally engaged.
  • Excellent addition to a home-school curriculum.


  • This solar powered robot kit can be transformed into 14 different modules.
  • The robot modes include vehicles and bugs all in cartoon comic robot style.
  • Movement is powered by solar panel and speed is determined by the intensity of sunlight it receives.
  • There are two levels in building the robot kit, level one include: Turtle-bot, Beetle-bot, Quadru-bot, Boat-bot, Walker-bot, Dog-bot and wheel-bot.
  • After they amuse themselves with the entry level, can challenge their manipulative skills with second level: Roly Poly-bot, Auto-bot, Slither-bot, surf-bot, Zombie-bot, Crab-bot and Row-bot.
  • With this kit, the kid can learn about the renewable energy sources and green technologies when they are having fun.No batteries required


  • Material: Environmental Plastic + Electronic Components 
  • Color: Multi colors
  • Weight: 500g


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