Weatherproof Ski Gloves

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Customer reviews:

"My old ski glove is broken, so I bought this new ski glove. As my hand is relatively small, so the glove is a bit too large. But I will still continue to use it because the gloves protect my hands from the cold weather in the snow. This glove is water-resistant, and when I wear gloves feel comfortable and supple, the gloves are fairly warm and the interior does not feel a bit damp." - Renee ★★★★★ 

" When I saw this pair winter gloves I know that my husband will love them. The result is yes, He likes this color very much and said the glove will be good for him to do shoving in the winter. He has already put this pair winter glove in his car. He has to drive everyday even in the snow day. I bought this for him to prepare for the coming winter. These gloves are very warm and it can stay dry because of the outside layer is waterproof." - Miranda ★★★★★ 


  • KEEP WARM&FEEL COMFORTABLE - Keep out the cold heat resistance range of ZERO -22°F TO -4.The high-quality cotton coral fleece insulation with the thicken smooth fleece inside keep your hand warm effectively and fell comfortable.
  • WATERPOOF,SNOWPROOF&WINDPROO - The exterior surface sheds water and snow; Moisture-wicking and air-circulating interior make you easily cope with rain and snow in the outdoors .Designed specifically for skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and other winter sports


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