Air Force Car Refresher

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Customer reviews:

 "Absolutely love this propeller air freshener! Just ordered another one and the wife will probably steal one for her Jeep. These are great for Steampunk fans, looks great in my Jeep since I have a lot of chrome accents on the dash. Best quality metal product. I’ve bought in years. Love the fact that I’ll never need to buy air fresheners again. I’ll just put a few drops of essential oils on the disc once it’s dried up." - Pattrick ★★★★★ 

"I owned an old car, the smell is both unique and hard to mimic. Eventually, it will be left with unwanted scents that tend to invade my car: spilled coffee, ozone, sweat, french fries, smoke and any other thing that happens to produce scent and stick around much longer than it should. I bought this bag to reduce the odors inside my car. Not bad, it did remove odors, not immediately, but quite effective without chemicals. It is good enough to keep my car inside clean and fresh. I totally recommended it." - Melly ★★★★★ 


  • IMPROVE CAR AIR QUALITY:Keep your car fresh with natural and healthy essential oils (with scents when item came), Coscod car fragrance diffuser WITHOUT CHEMICALS.
  • FASHION CAR DECO & FUNCTIONAL:Get inspired by single turbine engine and propeller, designer works out the best balance of retro and fashion. With a sophisticated metal plating craftsmanship, designer shows his respect to the industrial age of 1960s. .Waterless Diffusion -No more endangering the electronic components of your vehicle with water vapor. It has some vent gaps at the back side, so air flows through the vent and the diffuser smoothly.
  • KEEP AWAKER AND HEALTHY: Reduce air pollution in your car while driving so you can breathe clean air. Simply add up to 3 - 5 drops of lavender, eucalyptus & lemon therapeutic grade essential oils to the vent clip felt pad to help you lesson your exposure to pollutants so you can enjoy the ride, Add some calming essential oils to reduce stress with commuting, children in the car and more.


  • Color: Black, Silver
  • Size: 6*11*11 (H*L*W) cm
  • Weight: 11g
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